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As the Seller, you generally choose the title company with whom you want to close. When you choose Landmark Title, you get more than just a typical title company.

As an attorney-owned and operated title company, Landmark Title gives you the advantage of hands-on legal services throughout the entire selling process - from contract to closing - all at a cost that's no more than a traditional title company. At Landmark Title, our standard closing fee is always just $395.00, and we're happy to provide you with an accurate estimate of all your closing costs up front so that there are no surprises at closing.

At every step of the way, attorney and president, David J. Heekin is involved in the closing process, including the very important initial preparation of the Purchase and Sale Contract. Remember, only an attorney can effectively advise a party on matters relating to the title and answer other legal questions that often arise during the closing.

Engaging an attorney-owned title company to handle your transaction is clearly in your best interest. Having an attorney involved in the closing process can help you:

  • Get more favorable contract terms
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Save time and money
  • Sell your home faster

Though having a real estate agent is generally recommended, if you decide to handle the selling process yourself, Landmark Title can help you from start to finish. From preparing and issuing the Commitment for Title Insurance, which discloses liens and encumbrances, to preparing documents necessary for closing, such as deed and settlement statements, and disbursing all funds.

Client Testimonials

“Great business and highly professional. Their prices are relatively low and they'll make sure everything is taken care of. They work fast and know what they're doing. I wouldn't have been able to sell my house without them.”
Matt Christmann, Seller
“I can say firsthand that Landmark Title provides the highest level of customer satisfaction to their customers. Try the best before you try the rest.”
Jen Edwards, Re/Max Unlimited

Online Forms

  • Binder Release
  • Verify Binder
  • Order Form
  • Closing Info
Binder Release with or without Contracts

Binders provide a temporary insurance during the sale of property to protect against potential loss. The transitional sales period creates an undetermined insurance coverage situation between the seller's and buyer's home owners' insurance that's resolved with by signing a binder agreement. Our online binder release forms provide quick access to your deposit.

Fill Out Binder Release with ContractFill Out Binder Release without Contract
Verification of Binder Deposit Receipt

Our verification form follows the strict guidelines provided by the Members of Northeast Florida Association of Realtors, Inc. and provides a quick, online solution to accessing the verification for your binder deposit.

Go to Binder Verification Form
Online Order Form

The same order form you're used to on paper, but now provided in a quick, easy to use online form. The data is instantly checked for accuracy (for required items) and provides an immediate method to submit your order to our team.

Go to Online Order Form
Closing Info

Closing a Real Estate Transaction in Florida is a complicated process. The professionals at Landmark Title can help you ensure that everything is prepared for your closing. In this light, we've provided the below printable closing info sheet to keep you on track.

Go to Closing Info Sheet